Teachers Without Borders – global literacy

Dennis Elementary celebrated Go Global week last week. Heather Kogler and I designed curriculum for grades 2-5. We covered 9 countries. Our goal was to expose children to the lives of people from all over the world and point out the similarities between our culture and those of other countries. The students and the teachers loved it!

Students in 2nd grade read a folktale from each country, made an art project that tied in to the folktale, and then learned a game that children in the other countries played. Students in 3rd grade learned about landmarks around the world and then did a S.T.E.M. activity. Fourth and fifth graders took their passports to each country, watched a power point presentation that we designed for each country, watched another video, and then read a letter from a student in that country, lastly they wrote a postcard to their family telling them about the trip. Later in the day they had speakers from other countries.

Challenges with the program: 4th and 5th graders became bored with the postcards after they had done 2 or 3, making all of the materials for the younger students was very time consuming. We have almost 800 students. Speakers were sometimes unreliable because they were mostly parents, not professionals.

All in all it was a terrific experience though, and I am glad we took it on.


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