Teachers Without Borders – global literacy

Based on the Lost Boys of Sudan a remarkable story of courage and the power of the human spirit.
4th and up
A touching story of the Maasai’s generosity after 9/11.
2nd and up
One little guy spreading peace through his community.
pre-K and up
A collection of stories about how books get to remote areas. Informational text –
4th and up
Kindness, inclusivity, and diversity are celebrated in this school!
Excellent book celebrating the human family making good choices with compassion and mindfulness.
pre-K to 3rd
Based on the life a real man who wanted to be sure that the children of Columbia had the magic of stories.
preK and up
The story of a young girl who moves to America, but does not have the language to communicate with the students in her school.
2nd and up
Two friends learn that trying foods from another culture brings them closer to each other rather than further apart.
1st and up
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