Teachers Without Borders – global literacy

I am from green pastures and open woods,  tranquil spaces
From Murphy's Oil and SOS pads.
I am from four brick walls neatly kept
ironed sheets, mopped floors, streak free windows
I am from cottonwoods, and pine trees, and wood thrift,
whose flowers drifted lightly and smelled sweet
I am from I'll be back and watch the kids
From Charlie and Marilyn high school sweethearts
I'm from while your up and I'll give you something to cry about
From Indians under my bed when I can't sleep,
     and eat your carrots they're good for your eyes
I'm from wearing hats and dresses to church,
    and memorizing the sacraments.
I'm from Putnam County where the Germans landed,
    noodles and beer.
From the workshop where we Leave Grandpa Alone,
    and Barbies on top of the chicken coop.
I am from the thousands of photos kept under the stairs 
  that are one day found when the heartbeats are gone. 
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