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My students thinking and writing!

My core beliefs:

1. I believe that all students want to be successful.

2. I believe that students want to be heard.

3. I believe that grammar will follow conferencing.

4. I believe that students should be able to use computers or pencils to write.

5. I believe that all students and teachers should have specified writing time every day.

Lesson 1

Dinner Party Dialogue

Follow the link to find a Writing Based Learning project that is super fun.

Lesson 2

Please watch this youtube video, with your headphones and then write for 10 minutes about the outcome.

Lesson 3

My Hand

Ask students to trace their hands in their writer’s notebooks. Students should leave these blank while they listen to the reading by Sarah Kay of her poem “Hands.”

credit: The Quickwrite Handbook, Linda Rief

After listening to the poem for two to three minutes write:

  • jot down phrases from Sarah Kay’s poem that grab you or remind you of something in your life
  • borrow one of the lines or phrases and write down as all that you think of
  • when you have time jot down some ideas for things you could write about

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