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A Gift of Roses

Tower of hundreds of petals pink 

adorned with dark green glossy leaves that shine in the sun

and thorns protective of what’s hidden inside the woods.

Weak morning sun from the east can’t  yet lift the vibrant shades.

Strong noonday heat , the petals  hot and withery.

Bold sunset brings out the deep synergy of colors, a rainbow of pink

   from the softest pale pink of baby bird throats as they call to their mother

   to the sunny lemon pink of a light sunburn,

   to the hot mess of predator pink lipstick out for a date.

Can’t ignore the bright white center, ready to claim all the celebrity for this beautiful climber.

Bees all abuzz with news for the hive, 

Baby birds chirping  for the return of their foraging mothers, 

Frogs belching  love songs for the effect of a lover.

Who put your roots in the ground so long ago?

Was it a hopeful prairie wife restless for some beauty?

Why do you ask how things became so chaotic?

Why do you wonder who will appreciate your beauty? I’m here.

Your waterfall of blossoms previously hidden in the arbor of the woods

   makes me feel welcome in this new neighborhood.

Do you know that you are still gifting a new homesteader with solace and beauty?

Can you reach back through the years to share my joy of discovery with she who planted you?

Bower of roses,

Tower of roses,

Shower of roses.

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